Verl Adams
2nd Year Design - 1998

Aerospace Museum, Side Elevation

Aerospace Museum, Site

Aerospace Museum, Section

Aerospace Museum, Front Elevation


An Aerospace Museum to replace an existing museum at Hill Air Force Base in Roy, Utah (30 miles north of Salt Lake City). The facility provides a place for the collection, preservation and display of historically significant artifacts of flight.


The large structural frame acts as though it is enclosing a "section" of the atmosphere. The airplanes contained within appear to be frozen in time and space. The building's overall simple form is intended to emphasize the concept of atmospheric container. The structure's transparency allows the planes to be viewed from the nearby freeway. Thus the building also acts as a large billboard, enticing commuters to exit the freeway and come by for a closer look.

(Published in 'Crit' volume 43, Spring 1999)

Kite Design (First step in the design process to better understand flight)