Artist Retreat - Architectural Design Studio II + Intensive Summer Design Studio

Justin Lyons - Site Photo Series

Justin Lyons - Spring Semester 2007

Problem Description:

This project provides live-work spaces for artists at the edge of the Bonneville Salt Flats. The students begin the project by exploring the unique qualities of this remote site. The students are then challenged to translate those qualities into an architectural approach. They are also required to incorporate passive systems into their designs in order to develop a strategy for the project that would enable it to exist entirely off the grid.

Eric Boam - Spring Semester 2007

Kinley Puzey - Spring Semester 2007

Jason Brownfield - Spring Semester 2007

Scott Yribar - Summer Semester 2007

Chris Hone - Summer Semester 2007

Amy Ling - Spatial Study - Summer Semester 2007

Justin Lyons - Spatial Studies - Spring Semester 2007