Shadow Box Light Study - Architectural Design Studio I

Mike Anderson - Fall Semester 2006

Zach Tanner - Fall Semester 2006

Brian Backe - Fall Semester 2006

John Bellisario - Fall Semester 2006

Problem Description:

The students begin the problem by constructing five sides of a volume out of black foam core. One side is left open and the interior surfaces are finished with white paper. The construction serves as an enclosure that can be used to study controlled light. A series of ‘filters’ are created that cover the open side of the volume in order to control how light enters the enclosed space. Students are encouraged to study both direct and indirect lighting scenarios. They may bounce, reflect, screen, filter, diffuse or focus light. They may also experiment with different materials. The students study patterns, textures and colors created by the light, its direct impact on the perception of the space and its inherent experiential qualities. A series of photographs are then taken that document how the character of the light changes with the coordinates of the sun.