Design Workshop Arch 2630

Design Workshop is a foundational design studio and a prerequisite for admissions to the Architecture Program at the University of Utah College of Architecture + Planning. The primary focus of the studio is the design process. Students are expected to develop a flexible approach to design that will enable them to analyze, interpret and solve problems. Throughout the course a series of abstract design problems are assigned. The nature of the problems allow the students to engage the design process while exploring basic principles and elements of design. Through daily critiques the students learn how to articulate concepts and develop their designs. Attention to detail and craft are also stressed.

This course is based on a studio developed by Professor Tom Kass, who taught Basic Design at the University of Utah for over thirty years. Click on the banners on the previous page to view examples of design problems and students' work.

Verl A. Adams

Larry Curtis - Fall Semester 2004
Bryan Cody - Spring Semester 2005
Jacob Gines - Fall Semester 2005
Jeffrey Tuft - Spring Semester 2006
Ryan Garlick - Spring Semester 2007

Design Workshop Studio - Students' Design Process