Catching Light I - Design Workshop

Mical Bracken - Fall Semester 2004

Problem Description:

The students start off with an 18”x18” sheet of white paper. They begin the problem by creating a series of folds in order to study (1) how structural rigidity can be achieved and (2) how light and shadow defines surfaces and edges. The students are challenged to identify a system that can be developed both structurally and spatially. The paper plane may be cut, but it cannot be cut into parts. The plane may be folded, shaped or scored but the integrity of the plane must be maintained. The use of tape or glue is not permitted. Connections or tabs may be fashioned only from the plane itself. Papers of different weight and texture are explored and craft is developed through the design process.

Samplings of Students' Work:

Brigham Mellor - Fall Semester 2004

Fok Choi Chan - Fall Semester 2005

Bryce Felt - Fall Semester 2004

Nathaniel Maddison - Fall Semester 2004

Rachael Stefanussen - Fall Semester 2004

Nathan Goleman - Fall Semester 2004

Lindy Minert - Spring Semester 2005

Jessica Griffith - Fall Semester 2004

Design Workshop Studio - Students' Design Process